The response so far to the new series’ first volume has been great and I think with the current promotion at Amazon, I can only expect that it continue.

For those coming here after reading A Reluctant Witch, I would like to assure you that there will be another story concerning Anna Ixstassou and her adventures published very soon. The New Year’s weekend has started early here, so, unfortunately, it will be difficult to accomplish much over the next couple of days.

That said, the second Anna Ixstassou story should be out at Amazon by this coming Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. The title is tentatively–Shame and Delight at His Hands.

At the moment, there is a third witch story previewed for the following week, and then I’ll be getting back to the Marechal and Melisse with a publishing date expected before the end of January.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in my stories. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Amélie Aames