Volume V of the Marechal Chronicles


Thank you so much for your interest in the Marechal Chronicles.  The reception of the most recent release in the series, Volume IV, The Chase, has been fantastic and the feedback I am receiving is very encouraging.

Naturally, interest is high concerning the next part of the story and I want to assure everyone that the book is advancing nicely.

However, it seems that the Marechal and Melisse have quite a bit more to tell us before the end of the story and that means that Volume V is likely to be quite a long one (and consequently taking longer to write so that the story is told to the fullest measure).

I kindly ask for your patience.  At one point I had thought to publish this in six parts and have since decided that it would be better for everyone as five parts rather than splitting the story further..   (April 20, 2014 Edit:  The series will, in fact, be in six volumes.)

Please bear with me.  The story that is unfurling under my hands will be well worth the wait.

As always–thank you, all of you,