Fresh garden tomatoes and ripe, local peaches

Just to lighten the mood after the annoyance that is iBooks, I thought I’d mention happier things.

I returned from vacation in Spain to find my tomato plants only slightly wilted and bearing fruit. I’d put in an heirloom, French variety named Marmande (for the city of Marmande) as well as basic cherry tomatoes.

What a delight, that fresh, plant ripened flavor. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such good tomatoes–slightly acidic, but more than balanced by their full flavor and sweetness. Certainly worth the effort of digging up part of the yard this past spring.

And, a little to the north of me is a region known for its peach production. During my last visit to the the grocery store, I stumbled across these same, positively huge with tender flesh that smelled divine. And, I can confirm that their flavors are as full bodied as my tomatoes…only peachier, naturally.

Such are the simple pleasures of life. No one should overlook the tiniest of miracles that happen all around us if we can but open our eyes to see them.